Sunday, September 19, 2010

today we gonna go backkk

i found a shit load of some old pictures
i feel blessed to have so many good
memories with great friends<3

the dynasty

usual friday night partayyyy

RiP OZZY Gaeta
dueces to the skyyy

thanksgiving 2007 <3

summer 2005

grand marc parties lol
food for less alchy run
we miss you jeffrey


freshman yearrr claudia's quince
thats not even half of the whole crew lol

ozzy & i at the mall
miss those hugs <3

senior year Ms. Rayshels class

carrrnoldd! with our kiks lol

the tripod

chris brown concert

the day i graduated from
cosmo school wheeeee

senior year cheer camp!

cheer bunnies! a wagner tradition <3

miss you friendddd

my barbie "surprise" 20th bday partay

best halloween costumes we ever had.

ginas 18th bday at universal studios

Booty Call


party & bullshittt

bullshiting in the mail room at ramona lol

senior prom! my wifey<3

my daniii

Cosmo GRAD!!! hayyy

since preschool???

Rcc preschool

Bryce & I

been friends for years & never knew we went
to preschool together .

thats so sweeeeeet.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


As most of you know i am a Hairdresser & Makeup Artist,
I have been working on a professional portfolio so here
is some of my work from a recent photoshoot:

Photography: Chris "Half Nasty" Smith
Models: Gina & Yadira