Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Graffiti is art.

tagging, gang signal, etc, ART is what I prefer to call it. I think it is so amazing people can spray paint these beautiful drawings all over buildings, walls, streets,trains. it's a form of expression. I made this particular blog to show some love for street graffiti by showing you all some of the ones i've seen in Downtown L.A., Venice Beach. To all the artists : i say keep on doin it i love it & think its fuckin sweeeeet.

Lakers vs. Knicks 11/24/09

Last night my LA LAKERS played the NEW YORK KNiCKS. The knicks are "fun sized" (the little candy bars) compared to the Lakers (king sized) Pau & Drew are 7 footers which was an advantage for Bynum since he really didn't have to jump & risk hurting his already hurt ankle. heres what he had to say, "We like to use our height to our advantage,” Bynum said. “It doesn’t do any good if you don’t have the right game plan and the right fundamentals, but we had that for the most part, too.” Kobe scored 34 points last nite (at their last meeting kobe scored a record breaking 61 points at the Knicks homecourt Madison Square Garden) & Pau finished with 11 points & 16 rebounds (makes me happy). Bynum 17 points & 8 rebounds, Ron-Ron had 17 points & in the 3rd quarter had the Knicks scorless for 7 1/2 minuts. (go artest!) Lamar had grabbed 12 Rebounds.At the last second of the third, NY Knicks little man Nate Robinson made a double clutch 3 pointer from basically mid-court which cut our lead to 21 starting off the fourth & as usual the bench comes in & within minutes the starters are back in the fourth. Head coach Phil Jackson said, "It was one of those games that got plodding in the last 6-8 minutes, so it doesn’t leave you with a good feeling when you walk out of here". The bench really needs to step it up *cough* *cough* sasha *cough* farmar excuse me i had a cough ;] Celebrity sitings at this game where the great Stevie Wonder, the hilarious George Lopez ( which you guys MUST check out his new show on tbs its like a party! tune in people) & Khloe Odom (who answered some questions from a lakers reporter) In conclusion Lakers walked away with the W & also in a double figure lead which is GREAT to me. i loooooove LA!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i mean c'mon really?

so today i thought i would do a blog about horrible/ugly/weird tattoos that i just dont understand how it could be that meaningful to have on your skin for life. these people must have been on a GOOD ONE to get what they got. im just glad it ain't on ME. It did give a damn good giggle tho. And don't get me wrong, i loved Patrick Swayze(r.i.p.) i just feel its hella WRONG to have him half man/half stallion with a fuckin rainbow & shit i mean really WTF is that all about, geesh.

love can be

just so yummy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lakers vs. Thunder 11/22/09

So last night my LA LAKERS killed the Oklahoma City Thunder for the 11th straight time! Kobe had some ahhhhmazing shots. The most memorable was the shot from behind the fuckin backboard! Larry Bird once made a shot like this more than 20 years ago, but sadly it didnt count back then. The rules have definitely changed, with kobe's now famous "behind the backboard" shot gave him 2 of his 26 points for last nights game,along with seven assists & six rebounds. Andew Bynum looked great & made me say "what ankle injury" with his 9 rebounds & 25 points! good job drew! Our big man PAU GASOL is back for his 2nd game since coming back from a hamstring injury with 15 pojnts, seven rebounds & six assists. I have to say I'm soooooo glad to have Mr. Gasol back. I don't wanna forget about our newest Laker, Ron Artest who added seven points to our W. Lakers are looking soooo fierrrce. Final score: Lakers 101, Thunder 85. The crowd got tacos! And also to mention when the fourth quarter started Fergie & World series champion Yankee A-Rod walked in to join for courtside seats, and apparently Mr. belted out from his seat with a mic in hand "i gotta feeling" during a timeout which is a main song played a LAKER games. Another celebrity in the house my favorite, Mr. jigga man himself: JAY-Z. Only in L.A. people, ONLY in L.A. i love it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

try it.

take matters into your own hands.

Friday, November 20, 2009

SeQuins...its back &bigger than EVER!

Sequins: disk-shaped beads used for decorative purposes. They are available in a wide variety of colors and geometrical shapes. They're baaaacccckkkkk. & who isnt fallin hard for this fashion trend. They are hella flashy & basically are on all types of clothing pieces, big to small & every color you could want, hot trend, i think its gonna be here for a while.

goodbye summer...hello autumn

goodbye summer...

hello autumn! Time for sweaters, crispy weather, beautiful colors, & 2 sweet holidays: Halloween & turkey day!