Sunday, December 27, 2009


i eat this stuff UPPP.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

have mercy.

so last night i was getting ready for bed trying to find something to watch & to my surprise FULL HOUSE was on. I giggled & quietly said to myself said "oooo uncle jesse". i grew up wanting Jesse Katsopolis to be boyfriend since i was 2! haha! ask my mom she said i would be totally capitvated in front of the television on friday nights & we wouldn't miss an episode. The mullet, ELViS look-like, leather jacket wearing, motorcycle ridin, lead singer of a band(Jesse & the Rippers) he was THE MAN in the late eighties & early ninties & i know i wasn't the only little girl who had my heart stolen by "UNCLE JESSE".


it's a nice ass tho if i say so myself, Shannon Brown's from the LA Lakers. The cameraman i guess "accidentally" filmed him getting dressed..hey I'm not complaining at all, this little 3 seconds of booty made up for the loss they endured from the christmas day game.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

fun old fashioned family christmas.

Hands down my favorite christmas movie of all time. The movie is basically all about Clark's bad luck & obnoxious family but him still trying to have a "fun old fashioned family christmas".

Sunday, December 20, 2009


ohhh how i loveee me some dimepieceeeeeee.

only with a prescription.

For all you vodka lovers out there, you can now carry your vodka in pill form. Why bring bottles to parties when you can just drop some pills on the table & call it a night. Is this an act of excellance or pure stupidity?

rollin with the homies

RiP Brittany Murphy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

tan disasters.

Some of these made me say OUCH, others made me say EWWW! But mostly i got a good laugh out of it. Put your sunblock on kids!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

my sunday nights.

Sunday. the most relaxing/lazy day of the week. I usually spend my Sunday nights watching my Lakers which i still will, but you better believe if they aren't playing its filled with deliciously delightful REALiTY Television(which all 3 shows are set to my TiV0 regardless) The Kardashians are back for the 4th season. Huge changes have happened since season three & the spin-off Kourtney & Khloe take Miami. As we all know Khloe married L.0. & they are searching for their perfect home. Kourtney & king douche bag, i mean Scott are expecting their first baby & we found out...iT'S A BOY! & Kim is having hard time dealing with her breakup with NFL player Reggie Bush. The episode ends with Khloe slapping Scott & of course we have to wait 'til next week to see what happens next. This season is gonna be filled with glam,changes & D.R.A.M.A.

Another reality show that premiered on A&E this evening was The Jack5ons:A family dynasty. I have been a fan all my life, my mom grew up with them introduced me to them & i feel in love with Micheal as he became the King Of Pop. This show is really bittersweet to me because its so neat to see all the brothers in a real light, like a normal family shooting the shit, raggin on each other, but also so sad because the MJ is not here. They all explained that he was supposed to be apart of this show but with the tragic event that happened this passed June, that's a no. My mom & i curled up (pepe in between us of course) & watched 2 episodes. There was some drama as with all families there is it was really cool like i said before. I think i got the remaining 4 brothers all figured out:Jackie the father figure. Marlon is a crack up,Tito is kinda like the middle man wanting to create peace, and Jermaine is a little bit of a rascal& don't have him all the way figured out. The first episode ends with the news of Micheal's passing,with each of them expressing their grief & explaining how they found out. It was really sad. Guess time will unfold the rest of what has to come for this undeniably talented family.

Now this show i've been watching for about 2 months, My Fair wedding with David Tutera on WEtv. This man leaves me in absolute awe every week with the things he does. The plot is basically he has a bride with all her wedding plans (which are always just no,no & NO)3 weeks until her big day, and pretty much transforms it to the T of her vision. David Tutera was awarded "best celebrity wedding planner" by Life&Style magazine & he is simply a genius, and knows his craft. I'm such a nerd cause every week i'm all giddy & cant wait to see what he does, as if it was my wedding.Some of these women have the most hideous & crazy ideas that leave me saying why the FUCk would you pick that? like a sponge,flower bouquet..WTF? or this one chick bought her wedding gown from a yardsale for $5! &&& it was 2 sizes too small i mean pishhh,really??? ::superman music:: David comes to the rescue & changes it ALL & its ahhhmazing. If you are a bride or not tune in because it seriously some goooooood stuff.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


i love Kim Kardashian & i love barbie, so when i heard she was doing a "barbie inspired" photo shoot i was pretty excited about it. She transformed herself into the iconic Barbie Doll for the Australian magazine, Kurv. The creator of barbie, Mattell paired up Kurv & made Barbie the guest editor for the November 2009 issue. Kim Kardashian looks completely different in these shots not at all like how we are used to seeing her, but she looks HOT & just like BARBiE, she even has Ken by her side. Enjoy!


If you got money to blow oh, ohhh, ohhh ohhh ohhh oh
then spend it on this sick ass iPHONE 3GS supreme.
It is the world most expensive cell phone. This celly
was designed by Stuart Hughes & took 10 months to create.
The value of gold these days is at an all time HiGH. So what exactly
makes this phone? The whole casing was created with 22ct of solid gold,
& the front has 136 bling bling'n diamonds! Bringing the total to
a whopping 68cts. The back apple logo is in solid gold
& 53 perfect diamonds, & the navigation
button is made from a RARE
diamond at 7.1 cts. The phone is beautiful &
you can definitely stunt on some ho'ssss
with this phone, but i mean really for 3.14
MiLLiON (which is the total cost)
i can buy a nice home & open my own salon
with all that scrillaaaaa. All in all DOPEE phone but not for me
unless anyone is willing to buy it for me! ha!

im addicted...

to the bad girls club!This show is my guiltiest pleasure. tune in tuesdays nights!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Black Mamba Struck again!

Last nights game was incredible against the Miami heat. This was a game to see! The Heat came ready to play & fought their way 'til the end. It was a close game, a little too close for comfort. I was pretty pissed & almost turned the tv off, but I'm soo glad i didn't, i just prayed the Lakers would pull it together & DO WORK! & whew! they sure did! Kobe had a slow 1st half but made a huge moves in the second half scoring 25 of his 33 total & of course the game winning shot of the night. Fisher came thru with his famous "last second 3 pointers" to bring us within 1, D.wade missed 1 FT & then the Black Mamba banked in a running 3-pointer as the clock ran out in the fourth to bring the Lakers to a 108-107 ViCTORY!!! && also continuing the 8 game winning streak & having the BEST record in the NBA! Kobe said "it was the luckiest shot I've ever taken, by far". i love you KOBE BRYANT & i loooove L.A.!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jump in!

Jumpers,Rompers ,one-sie, jumpsuit whatever you wanna call it, they are HOT!! A jumper can look soo sophisticated if paired with heels & the right accessories. If you have a shorts one from the summer & now that its getting colder out, throw some sexy lace tights on under you're good to go. Another great way to stay warm is to throw on a blazer(which is also a HOT fashion trend right now). i think every chick should invest in at least one this year. happy shopping!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Taco Tuesday.

Lakers played the Hornets & the final score was a little close, (110-99) once again cause of the bench, but don't let it fool you it was another Laker blowout! Fans got tacos & the Hornets were trying their best at the end to make that NOT happen...but it DiD. New Orleans is reallllly missing their star player CP3 as well as Peja Stojakovic. Last nights win was a 6th straight! (lets keep this streak goin'!) & let me also say this: Farmar im proud of you! He has been playin soo much better & i just hope he only improves more & more. Lamar had a cool dunk that added to the games score and with every game Artest seems to be fitting in better & better as well as playing better & better(he is getting used to triangle offense & using it well). The lakers played smart with good shots & passes. Five Lakers had double figures. In conclusion Lakers did work once again, got the W & got the whole staples center house their beloved TAC0S. i loooove L.A.


I was not at all surprised we won this game. I watched it at the yardhouse, had a great seat at the bar, drank a martini, with my beautiful girlfriends & it was FaBuL0US! The nets haven't won a game so far in this season, & join the 1988-89 Miami Heat& join the '99 clippers as the ONLY teams to start with 0-17 . ill just keep this one short & sweet Lakers 106 Nets 87. i loooove L.A.!!

the LAKeSH0W.

sorry everyone with the holidays & i got really busy with work, i didn't blog at all. Soo here we go with saturday 11/28/09 The lakers went to Oakland to get the win from the Golden State Warriors. During the ENTiRE game the warriors took the lead...ZER) times! Ha! i love it, & this was the 5th straight for double digit win for the Lakers (i love that even more). Plus we had & Lakers in double figures: Pau 22, Kobe 20, Artest 19, Big drew 12, Shannon Brown 17 ( including 2 ahhhh-mazing dunks, not to forget how fiiine he is ) & Jordan Farmar with 10. Final score 130-97. i loveeee L.A.